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Location: United States 

The system offers an overflow protection/bacteria filter integrated in each liner as well as a non-return valve to prevent back-flow.

* Easy set up - ready to use in seconds.
* Liner can be removed from canister independently from vacuum tubing.
* Overflow protection/bacteria filter in each liner.

Distinctive color coding for less confusion: orange liner into orange canister; yellow liner into yellow canister.

The locking clasp keeps the canister securely in place for one handed liner removal. If large amounts of fluid need to be suctioned, the system can be used in serial/tandem connection or with a special change-over valve.

​1500cc Canister Liners MEDELA (Disposable) Box Of 25  $​​ 215.00

​2500cc Canister Liners MEDELA (Disposable) Box Of 25  $ 225.00

Condition: New​​

​Date Updated: January 2018

Canister Liners